Cork flooring FAQ

Cork flooring FAQ

Cork flooring isn't a new addition to the flooring industry. But if you've never experienced it in person, we know it's new to you.

These floors could be the best addition to many rooms in your home. And it's worth your time to find out more about their performance options.

Consider these questions as you shop

Is cork a durable flooring material?

Cork flooring has a reputation for resilience, so pressure and impacts are easy to bounce back from. They're perfect as cork floor tiles, with millions of air pockets in each piece to hold their shape.

Is this a pet-friendly flooring choice?

Pets can create a lot of wear as they run back and forth through your home. But cork is an option that caters more to pet wear than other types of wood flooring.

Do these floors help retain heat?

Heat retention is another benefit of the cellular nature of these materials. In addition, these floors are warm to the touch, even on bare feet, even in the winter months.

The same characteristics that make cork flooring warmer also make it more soundproof. You'll enjoy the quieting of distracting sounds in your busy spaces.

Is cork waterproof?

Cork materials have a natural, waxy substance known as suberin. This helps create a moisture resistance that works well, especially in kitchens.

Though these floors do resist spills and dampness, be sure to clean up messes as they occur. And enjoy cork kitchen flooring for decades to come.

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